Morogoro, Tanzania

Morogoro, Tanzania

Recent news and prayer requests

Please pray for Bishop Godfrey and his team as they seek to develop their five year Strategic Plan aimed at improving the quality of life for God’s people in the Diocese of Morogoro.

Our Partnership Link

In 2011, after much prayer and discussion, the Diocese of Worcester signed a Friendship Agreement with the Diocese of Morogoro in central Tanzania.

The link between our two Dioceses has led to an ever-deepening bond between us as we are pledged to learn from one another, pray for one another and to share our common faith in Jesus Christ. Since 2011 there have been many visits between our Dioceses.

In the early period it was a particular joy to witness the growth of links between many schools in Worcester and Morogoro, which has been to the benefit of pupils and teachers who have shared their different worlds and approaches to life.

There is already a vibrant relationship between the parish of Kempsey in our Diocese and the parish of Chamwino in the Morogoro Diocese and other links are becoming stronger, including Pershore Abbey with Kihonda, Cradley Heath with Gairo and between our two Cathedrals.

Our partnership link has also led to many developments in the area of better health care within Morogoro Diocese, especially at Berega Hospital and to the creation of a small but strong independent charity – called Mission Morogoro – which is dedicated to improving the lives of those who live in Tunguli and its surrounding hamlets. One particular project, supported by the diocese and Mission Morogoro working together, was initiated by the former Archdeacon of Worcester, Roger Morris. He conceived the idea of buying, renovating and sending a tractor to Tunguli.  You can read about this project here. Bishop John blessed the tractor before its departure (see here).

Within our own diocese, we have been challenged by our friends in the Link to be more focused in growing faith in others, so that they will live it with such joy that the Church will grow both numerically and in spiritual depth so as to be better equipped to serve Christ in the world. We have been pleased to welcome two clergy from Morogoro to our last two diocesan clergy conferences.

During the last two years we have welcomed the Rev’d Peter Mkengi as the new Link Officer for the Diocese of Morogoro and we wish him well in his important role of helping to bring our two Dioceses closer together. If you would like to create a new parish link please contact the Revd Canon John Green and he will be pleased to provide you with more details, and help you set one up in conversation with Peter and our partners in Morogoro.

About the Diocese of Morogoro

Morogoro city and surrounding regions

The map (copyright Google Maps - see the bottom of this page) shows the outline of Morogoro city and the surrounding areas. The settlements at Berega and Tunguli are to the north-west of Morogoro.

Christian Mission in the Anglican tradition began in the Morogoro area through the dedicated work of the Church Missionary Society at the end of the nineteenth century. Over the next few decades, the hard work of sowing the seeds of a living faith in Christ led slowly to the creation of an Anglican Province of Tanzania from eight dioceses in 1970. One of these eight dioceses, formed only five years earlier in 1965, was the Diocese of Morogoro. There are now 27 dioceses which form the Anglican Church in Tanzania, and that number is expected to increase through growth in the church.

The Diocese of Morogoro covers an area of 80,339 square kilometres and encompasses some of the most beautiful scenic areas within the country, including the Ukaguru and the Uluguru mountain ranges. Most of the inhabitants of the Diocese live in rural areas which are often remote with a smaller number living in small towns and in the ‘hub’ city of Morogoro, where the Bishop, Cathedral and staff team are based. The Diocesan Bishop is the Rt Revd Godfrey Sehaba, who was elected and ordained Bishop in 2008.

Morogoro city has a population of around 250,000 making it the sixth largest city in Tanzania. The diocese as a whole has a population of around 1,000,000. Christians in mainland Tanzania form around 30% of the population, with around 35% identifying with Islam, and 35% following African Traditional Religions. The diocese lives with a strong sense of mission to all living within its boundaries.

The main institutions within the Morogoro Diocese are the Bible College in Morogoro, the Hospital with a School of Nursing in Berega, together with an Orphanage and Bible School (also in Berega). The School of Nursing has recently hosted its first graduation ceremony. Berega Hospital also run a Medical Mission in the village of Tunguli.

The main areas for growth and development within the Diocese are education and training at all levels, community development, better health provision for all (especially in maternal health) and church planting, and the growth of new Christians able to own and articulate their faith.

On the 30th November 2015 the Diocese of Morogoro celebrated its Golden Jubilee. Bishop John and the Dean, Peter Atkinson, were able to be with them for their celebrations and bring greetings from this rather older sister diocese. and we hope to be able to share with them in their joy at what has been achieved and in their hopes for the future, as both they and we continue to serve the Risen Christ in a faith which transforms our lives and enriches our discipleship.