Magdeburg, Germany

Magdeburg Re-signing

The German church region of Stendal/Magdeburg looks remarkably like Wales on the map. Worcester diocese is linked to Evangelical Christians in that district through partnerships. Around twelve of these involve parishes along with the Magdeburg/Worcester cathedrals connection. Information about the close relationship between the diocese of Worcester and the Evangelical diocese of Central Germany can be found on http://www.ekmd.de/

Magdeburg lies on the river Elbe in the State of Saxony Anhalt, halfway between Berlin and Hanover. The centre of the city was utterly destroyed by bombing on January 16th 1945. The rebuilding, augmented by modern architecture, is most impressive. The cathedral and other churches bear witness to Christian faith throughout the centuries. Forty years of atheist state doctrine in the German Democratic Republic means that congregations are small and evangelism meets with resistance and indifference. Sharing of challenges and joys gives strength and encouragement to both sides of our partnership.

Stendal, a town of the size of Kidderminster, is at the centre of sparsely populated flat terrain to the north of Magdeburg. Our parish partnerships are found in Magdeburg and in surrounding towns and villages. The number of pastors is reducing and there is not the equivalent of our Reader ministry. Parish income by means of church tax is also diminishing. Thankfully, church leadership in the diocese of Central Germany is encouraging new ways of ordained and lay witness to the Christian Gospel.

Read a report from Archdeacon Nikki when she visited churches in our partner diocese to look at how they were using their buildings.