Worldwide partnerships

The World Church Partnership Group


The aim of the World Church Partnership Group is to assist churches to engage with God in His mission of love to transform the whole human life and creation through the World Church. To achieve this aim the Task Group works through Anglican Communion Companion Links in Peru, Morogoro and a Partnership Link in Magdeburg.

The Group's task is to encourage study, theological reflection and good practice in the areas of:

  • World Development Issues
  • Partnership with particular places
  • Partnership and participation in a global Church
  • Shared Mission and Ministry

There are three task groups in the area of partnership links covering the diocesan companion links with the Anglican Diocese of Peru and the Anglican Diocese of Morogoro, Tanzania, as well as the ecumenical link with the EKM - the Evangelische Kirche Mitteldeutschland, or Protestant Church in Central Germany.

The Group is made up of the Task Group Chairs, a Schools advisor, a secretary, and the Mission Development Officer.

More information:

Mission Development Officer:  Doug Chaplin

Secretary of the World Church Partnership Group: Anne Potter