Healing ministry

The New Testament is suffused with the healing power of Jesus Christ.

Healing prayer

Invariably the healings of Jesus, whether accomplished in person or through prayer in his name, were accompanied by great joy and new life. They still are.

Sometimes healings accompany the powerful preaching of the Gospel message, sometimes they demonstrate the wonder of the Kingdom of God, and sometimes they simply flow out of the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

We believe that this ministry of healing in the name of Jesus Christ is not time expired, and, when exercised by people of faith and compassion, continues to bring life and joy to many people. We know that sometimes God works in a person’s life in ways other than how we expect; sometimes wholeness comes first at a deeper level and physical healing flows from that. There is a mystery in it. With healing we have to let God be God, though we reasonably ask for what we want.

But, however he does it, we see God working as we pray in the name of Jesus; and so many people need to experience God’s working in their lives.

You want to set up a healing ministry in your church? - or revitalise a flagging team? 

Here’s how you might go about it:

1. Consider doing a Course together. 

This is perhaps the BEST way, because it pulls you together as a team, and gives you a common source of encouragement and instruction, under your church’s own leadership. We strongly recommend this 5 session course:

Growing a Healing Ministry - produced by Acorn Christian Healing Foundation.

The sessions are well constructed, encourage participation, and cover:

  • The healing ministry – what it is, and the church’s mandate to exercise it
  • Essential attitudes for a proper expression of the healing ministry
  • Appropriate ways to minister healing, and how to care for people when there is no apparent cure
  • How the whole church can be a healing community
  • How to make concrete plans for furthering the healing ministry in your church.

This book can be requested on loan by contacting training@cofe-worcester.org.uk

2. Be inspired by the reading resources below:

(NB Some of these texts cover aspects of deliverance ministry as well, which is outside the remit of the Diocesan Healing Advisory Group; these recommendations are made for the majority content on the healing ministry specifically.)

Key Texts are asterisked *

*A Time to Heal: a Report for the House of Bishops (2000) – and the accompanying Handbook

A very useful text for all who engage in the ministry of healing or wish to do so. Includes the “how to”, and ensuring good practice.

*In Search of Wholeness. Parker, Fraser and Rivers 2000

A Christian theology of healing, and practical training resource for church and medical settings.

*The Christian Healing Ministry. Bishop Morris Maddocks 1981 (+reprints)

Bishop Morris' book is a foundational text and warmly recommended.

*Healing. Francis McNutt 1974 (+reprints)

Again, a foundational text from a well known former Orman Catholic priest; it remains very useful.

*Christian Healing. Mark Pearson 2nd ed 1995

American author, Oxford graduate; has set up a wholistic healing centre in USA subsequent to experiences at Burrswood Christian Hospital and other establishments in UK. This is an excellent practical and comprehensive guide to the healing ministry.

A Touching Place. John Gunstone

A lovely introductory text.

Healing in the Early Church. Andrew Daunton-Fear 2009

It traces the ministry of healing over the first few centuries of the church. A condensation of a doctoral thesis, and fascinating.

The Miracle of Lourdes. Ruth Cranston 1956

Reprinted several times and now available on ‘Kindle’.

“Ruth Cranston lived in Lourdes, talked with doctors, nurses, stretcher-bearers, patients. A Protestant herself, her approach was that of the reporter and impartial investigator. She has verified and documented the facts she presents.”

The Books of Kathryn Kuhlman

First hand accounts by people cured at Kathryn Kuhlman’s meetings in Carnegie Hall in the 1960s with medical records before and after and up to ten years later.

I Believe in Miracles. K. Kuhlman

God can do it Again. K. Kuhlman

Nothing is Impossible with God. K. Kuhlman

We believe in Healing. Ann England 1982

Articles by various individuals – some clergy, some doctors, some lay – who have been involved in the ministry of healing either as ministering or as receiving.

The Healing Light. Agnes Sanford 1949, several reprints

Well written – easy reading – a classic for anyone called to pray for the healing of others.

The Heart of Healing. George Bennett 1979