Churches Together

Churches Together

The Diocese is committed to the greater unity of Christ’s church and working together with other churches throughout the region. Much of this happens through parishes working and worshipping with other Christians through “Churches Together” groups in towns and localities across the Diocese. In addition to this there are more formal “Local Ecumenical Partnerships” with partner churches in local congregations, industrial mission, prison and hospital chaplaincies. The formal ecumenical activity is sponsored in the South of the Diocese by Churches Together in Worcestershire and in the North by being one of the Dioceses actively involved with Black Country Churches Engaged.

Alongside this there are many informal expressions of unity as Christians work and pray together in various situations. The Reverend David Ryan is the Diocese’s Ecumenical Officer and is available for advice and to answer enquiries. He works with Officers from the main denominations in Worcestershire and the Black Country to encourage ecumenism in all its shapes and forms.

Contact David by email or telephone: 07432625130

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