Mission Shaped Ministry

A one-year learning journey in a supportive community.

Who is it for?

  • You – if you’re exploring how to begin, sustain and grow a fresh expression of church
  • You – if you’re already involved in a fresh expression of church and want to reflect on what you are doing
  • You – if you simply feel that your church could be so much more than it is, but aren’t sure where to start
  • All denominations, traditions and ages
  • Individuals are most welcome, but it is particularly helpful for small groups from a church, team or local area to take part together, as this deepens the impact of the course.

Features of msm:

  • Designed for busy Christians – 6-10 evenings, 3-4 Saturdays and one weekend away
  • Delivered by practitioners from a range of different backgrounds and denominations
  • Local and national teachers
  • Opportunities to reflect on your context and story
  • For urban, suburban and rural contexts
  • Varied learning styles and resources
  • Many stories of real-life fresh expressions
  • Coaching, mentoring, learning networks
  • Full materials and extra online material

Topics include:

  • Mission context
  • Handling opposition and setbacks
  • The mission of God
  • Discipleship
  • Vision, values and call
  • Evangelism
  • What is church?
  • Engaging with the community
  • Gospel and culture
  • Spirituality, worship and the sacraments
  • Starting something new
  • Growing to maturity
  • Listening for mission

Planned courses

Worcester and Black Country msm: Starting September 2019

Evening sessions in two locations, one near Worcester and one in the Black Country, then three Saturdays and one weekend away all together. We have a selection of great speakers booked already. A course brochure will be available shortly and bookings will open formally after Easter.

Provisional dates:
- Saturdays 21st Sept 2019; 14th March and 13th June 2020
- Wednesdays 16th Oct and 6th Nov 2019; 15th Jan, 12th Feb, 22nd Apr and 20th May 2020
- Weekend away: 22nd-24th November 2019

Contact: Tom Fish.

Can’t wait till then?

We have partnered with the Diocese of Gloucester to support the MSM course they are running from March 2019 to March 2020.

Download course brochure: Download course brochure


“msm is for anyone involved in reaching beyond the church walls with the good news. With great content, creatively presented, it is an essential tool for anyone engaged in pioneering ministry or thinking about fresh ways of being church.”

Ian Bell, Coordinator, VentureFX (and one of our guest speakers)

“msm gave me a chance to see what we’re doing in church from a completely different perspective”

Philippa Sargent, Curate, Kempsey nr Worcester

“More and more Christians are being led by God to plant, sustain and lead fresh expressions of church. msm is a crucial means by which the Holy Spirit is preparing them for this calling. Go for it!”

Martyn Atkins, Superintendent of Westminster Central Hall

“For me, msm was about being with likeminded people – discovering that I’m not alone in thinking that the church needs to be radically different.”

Mark Badger, Vicar, Kempsey