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  • Prayer Diary (March 2019 - May 2019)
    • 30 January 2019

    The Comms team in the diocesan office produces the Prayer Diary to encourage prayer for individuals, parishes and organisations within the diocese.

  • 2016 Lent Course - Leader's Notes

    Download the Leaders’ notes. For more information about click here.

  • Lent Reflections
  • Chrism Eucharist

    All are welcome to the Chrism Eucharist in Worcester Cathedral.

  • ​Worcester South East Team
    • 13 April 2019

    Pray for St Martin, London Rd, especially for our Mission Action Plan and the introduction of family worship into our service pattern. Pray for our links to Red Hill CE School, Head: Spencer Morris. Clergy: ...

  • ​Diocesan Synod members
    • 12 April 2019

    Pray for all those who are members of diocesan synod. Pray that their discussions will further God’s mission in the Church and that they are able to return to their parishes to inspire others. Minnesota (USA): ...

  • ​St Nicholas, Worcester
    • 11 April 2019

    We give thanks for our work with young people and families through Kingdom Kids and Lyppard Little Saints. Please pray for our Easter Egg Hunt and Craft Morning on Good Friday. Clergy: Diane Cooksey, Methodist ...

  • ​Diocese of Morogoro
    • 10 April 2019

    Pray for Bishop Godfrey and Diocesan Secretary, Charles Pangapanga, and for all those who are part of the Diocesan Strategic Plan as they seek to improve the quality of Christ centred outreach and the care ...

  • ​St Wulstan, Worcester
    • 9 April 2019

    Pray for our church and parish. For our prayer group PCT@5 and Friends’ Café. As we embark on a new chapter in the life of St Wulstan, we pray for growth and stability as we ...

  • ​Tolladine Mission
    • 8 April 2019

    May we be a listening community, responding appropriately with love and care with God at our centre. Pray for Lay Pioneer Missioner; Sue Martyr, Robin Sykes, Chris Russell, Guy Martyr and for all that travel ...

  • St George w Mary Magdelene
    • 30 March 2019

    Please pray for our Godly Play ministry at Riversides School and ‘Guardians of Ancora’ a new after-school club at St George’s School. Clergy: Jo Musson, Paula Honniball, Jennie Hayward, Peter Davies, Sue Pollard, David New. ...

  • ​St John the Baptist, Claines
    • 29 March 2019

    Please pray for a new monthly Cafe Church in the Parish Hall and ‘20/20 Vision’, our Church Re-ordering Project. Clergy: Jo Musson, Paula Honniball, Jennie Hayward, Peter Davies, Sue Pollard, David New; Readers: Jean Smallwood, ...

  • ​Worcester East Deanery
    • 28 March 2019

    Give thanks for the ministry of all within the deanery. Pray especially for new clergy, that they will settle easily into their parish and find good support amongst colleagues. Rural Dean: Diane Cooksey; Lay Chair: Mike ...

  • ​Emergency services
    • 27 March 2019

    Pray for members of the Police, Ambulance, Fire & Rescue and RNLI as they serve and protect our communities. We give thanks for all that they do and ask for God’s protection on them as ...

  • ​Members of the Armed Forces
    • 26 March 2019

    Almighty God, stretch forth your mighty arm to strengthen and protect the armed forces. Give them courage as they face danger and help them to truly serve the cause of justice and peace.Matlosane (Southern Africa): ...

  • ​Economy and Daily Life
    • 25 March 2019

    Today is the Feast of the Annunciation, or Lady Day, which is the traditional day for agreeing agricultural rents. Pray for all tenants, in town and country, for landlords and fairness in all dealings between ...

  • Being a Governor in a Church of England School
    • 24 March 2019

    School governors form the largest voluntary body in the UK. It is very important to have effective governors in our church schools, who will, as part of their role, encourage the distinctive Christian values of ...

  • ​Retired clergy in Malvern Deanery
    • 23 March 2019

    Giving thanks for the retired clergy in the Malvern Deanery, we remember the many who actively serve these parishes at the present. In this reflective season we thank God for the gift of stillness and ...

  • ​Guarlford & Madresfeld w Newland
    • 22 March 2019

    Pray for our ministry to our schools, nurseries and the Severn Heights care home, the “15” mums and carers service and for positive and forward looking contributions to our Mission not Maintenance consultation process. ALMs: ...

  • ​St Peter, Powick w. St James, Callow End
    • 21 March 2019

    Pray for works proposed in both churches - new flooring and carpeting at St James and the Powick Heritage Centre Project at St Peter. Also for our Renew Project and ALMs in training: Vicky and ...