How to add submit an event

Some useful tips and advice for submitting an event

Firstly, you will need to have signed up for an account with the website. To sign up click here. If you have any problems creating an account please let us know.

When submitting an event you will need to fill out this form...

Title - don't make this too long, there's plenty of room in the description for the details.

Summary - a short description of the event or perhaps say who the event is for. This appears with the title in the list of events and in the calendar view

Venue / Postcode / Map URL - add details about the location of the event. You can find the map URL by searching for the location using Google maps and using the URL from there.

Deanery - this is optional.

Date and Time - adding the Event Start / End (see below) is required but this is an optional way to add some more details e.g. "Event starts at 2pm for an hour, lunch provided beforehand". 

Event Start / Event End - this is required and should state the date and time the event starts and ends. 

Description - add in all the details of the event, please note that the summary is automatically added in as the first line of the description, so there's no need to repeat information.

Category - select a category from the options. If you feel your event doesn't match any of these provided, let us know and we can look into it.

Weblink - include a link to a website.

Contact name / phone / email - these are optional.

Once you submit the event it will need to be approved, then it shall appear on the website. If you would like to add an image or an attachment to the event listing please email us with the details. If, after publishing, you find you have made a mistake on the listing or details have changed just let us know and we can make the changes.


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