Costs per Minister 2021


At the Diocesan Synod on the 11th November 2021, it was agreed to increase stipends by 2%. This will be reflected in Ministry Share by a 2% increase, as we expect all the figures below to increase through inflation. 

There are a number of factors that need to be included when we consider the cost per minister. The cost of each full-time stipendiary (paid) member of the clergy in the Diocese for 2021 is broken down as follows:

  • £41,043 is spent on their stipend (salary), National Insurance, pension and moving grants.
  • £9,890 is spent on their housing and associated bills.
  • £12,975 is spent on the cost of training new priests (ordinands and curates).
  • £2,881 is given to the National Church to help support central costs.
  • £9,089 is used for Parish and Area Support, such as the archdeacons, safeguarding, the ministry team and stewardship.
  • £9,587 is spent on Central Diocesan Support, including finance, HR and communications

We are blessed to also have some additional income. For every stipendiary minister we have:

  • £12,147 coming in through diocesan income, such as rent, dividends and interest.
  • £5,053 coming in through diocesan fees for certain services, such as funerals and weddings.
  • £2,167 coming in through savings from parishes currently in vacancy.
  • £1,632 coming in through other income streams.

This leaves about £64,500 to be covered through the Ministry Share, roughly equal to the cost of the stipend, housing and training for a full-time minister.


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