Developing Resilience Day 3 – Clarity with James Lawrence

Date: 4th March 2021

Time: 9:45 - 16:00

This event is designed as the third in a series on resilience, of which the first two days were in 2020. Whilst it will work best with those who have engaged with one or both of the previous days (which are repeated on Mar 23 and May 18 respectively), it will still be very helpful for any participant. It may or may not be possible to offer this day’s input again in the future – but a high level of interest will make that more likely.

This third day in our series on developing resilience reintroduces us to the spring and weights (a metaphor/framework for resilient ministry from Day 1) and focuses on the role of clarity in resilience. The less clear we are about how to spend our time (our priorities) or the less able we are to order ourselves around those priorities, the more we will feel stretched. The topics covered include:

Clarifying call

  • Reconnecting with our primary vocation
  • Revitalising our particular calling
  • The importance of playing to our strengths and how to identify them.

Balance versus blend

  • Why a balanced life isn’t a good thing
  • Re-blending, a healthy life practice.

Living by priorities, healthy practices for an ordered life

  • How to say no
  • The importance of space
  • Creating systems that work for you
  • Handling hyperconnectivity.

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