Spirituality of the Child (Monday evenings for 5 weeks)

Date: 24th January 2022

Time: 19:45 - 21:15

About this event

This course is for anyone who is in contact with children (0-18 years),for example children’s work volunteers, parents, clergy, employed workers, school workers or those with an interest.

Every child is born spiritual.  If we will let them, they can teach us a lot through the way they see our spiritual world. Together, we can share in awe and wonder.

Over the five weeks of the course we will look at themes such as:

  • Looking at spirituality through the eyes of a child.
  • Working on our understanding of children and their spirituality (including spiritual ‘Styles’)
  • Considering how we nurture the spirit of a child to help the child grow.
  • How school, church and home can work together in this area – drawing on a recent report
  • Sharing ideas and practicalities from our own experiences with each other.

The course will be led by Emma Pettifer (Children’s Officer) & Rachel Kennedy (Families Worker).


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