Stepping up: Reading the Bible

Date: 10th May 2021

Time: 19:30 - 21:00

Stepping up: three workshops

Around the diocese people are stepping up to enable worship to continue in their churches. Some of those are exploring particular ministries, lay and ordained, but many more are prepared to volunteer and have a go at some of the basic activities that enable worship to happen.

If you’re thinking of helping out in your church, if you’ve already put your name forward, if you’ve had your arm twisted, or even been doing one or more of these for a while, then these workshops could be for you.

Stepping up: Reading the Bible

When and Where: Monday 10 May, 7.30pm on Zoom

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It sounds straightforward, but reading in public is different from reading on our own. Never mind our anxieties about being heard, getting our pronunciations right, or coping with the microphone, when we read the Bible in church, we are also trying to help other people understand the reading. To do that, we need to understand it ourselves, and let’s be honest, the books of the Bible are not always the easiest pieces of writing to understand.

This workshop aims to explore the practice or public reading of scripture. There will be an opportunity to explore what people find helpful, but beyond that the workshop will look at the importance of public reading, offers an orientation to understanding the Bible, and gives some practical hints and tips for those who read it.

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