Education Team

Our aims:

  • Support, promote and oversee the work of those working with children and young people.
  • Enable children and young people to develop spiritually.
  • Enable the participation of children and young people in the mission and growth of the Church.
  • Enable the faith development of children and young people within the Church.
  • Strengthen links between parishes and educational establishments.
  • Support those engaged in education in their vision and their delivery of R.E., Worship, and Spiritual, Social, Cultural and Moral Development.
  • Support the leadership and management of Church Schools.
  • Promote partnership within the diocese, including other Boards, and to serve those who are not yet the Church's members.
  • Work in partnership with other relevant agencies.

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Tim Reid

Director of Education / 01905 732 821

Spencer Morris

Deputy Director of Education 

Gilly Maxim

Executive Officer / 01905 732 821

Janine Jenkins

 Adminstrator / 01905 732 825

Duncan Hutchison

Education Adviser / 07960 977847

Gemma Martin

School Effectiveness Adviser

Simon Tapp - Consultant

School Effectiveness Adviser

Bev Roberts - Consultant

School Effectiveness Adviser

Diocese of Worcester Multi-Academy Trust (DoWMAT)

Visit the DoWMAT website:

The Central Trust Team

Claire Davies

Chief Executive Officer

John McMillan

Academy Improvement Lead

Claire Rushton

Director of Finance

Cheryl Cunningham

Finance Assistant

Nicki Allsop

Finance Apprentice

Claire Roberts

Director of Operations

Vicky Rudge

Operations Assistant


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