Climate Crisis Task Group

The Diocesan Climate Crisis Task Group, commissioned by the Bishop and Diocesan Synod to oversee our diocesan response to the climate crisis. 

It has two main functions:

  • to co-ordinate the diocesan response to the Church of England’s commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions (‘net zero’) by 2030, as outlined in the motion agreed by General Synod in February 2020 and Diocesan Synod in March 2021.

  • to promote creation care and all aspects of environmental concern in the Diocese as a fundamental part of Christian discipleship, especially through the Eco Diocese and Eco Church scheme.

Our diocese produced an Environmental Strategy back in 2008. Many of its key recommendations remain important targets, but now have much greater urgency as the climate crisis escalates.  The Group continues its work of championing and promoting environmental issues.

Read more about the diocesan response to the climate crisis


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