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  • Prayer Diary (September - November 2017)

    The Comms team in the diocesan office produces the Prayer Diary to encourage prayer for individuals, parishes and organisations within the diocese.

  • Prayer Diary (June - August 2017)

    The Comms team in the diocesan office produces the Prayer Diary to encourage prayer for individuals, parishes and organisations within the diocese.

  • Diocesan Quiet Day

    A Quiet Day for licensed clergy in the Diocese of Worcester

  • County Harvest Festival 2017
    • Sunday 1 October, 6.30pm

    Annual harvest festival organised by the Chaplaincy for Agriculture & Rural Life

  • Big Bible Study 2017
    • Saturday 30 September, 10am - 1pm

    A chance for all Christians to come together to study the bible & share lunch!

  • ​Evesham Community Hospital
    • 19 August 2017

    For all at Evesham Community Hospital especially those now caring for stroke victims from across Worcestershire. Matron Shirley Hodgetts, Chaplain Andy Green and all volunteers. For staff displaced and relocated following closure of William Astley ...

  • All who work in the Diocesan Office
    • 18 August 2017

    Pray for all the different individuals working in the diocesan offices who help and serve the parishes.  Diocese of Rio Grande (USA): Bishop Michael Vono 

  • ​Inkberrow, Cookhill, Kington with Domston
    • 17 August 2017

    Pray for St Peter’s Inkberrow after their lead theft in the spring and the repairs needed before the winter. Pray also their new informal service. For Kington, Dormston & Cookhill as they continue to reach ...

  • ​The Protestant Church of Central Germany (EKM)
    • 16 August 2017

    This week the EKM is holding a special event to raise the awareness for deaf and hard of hearing people in the Church. This event is to encourage us to see those with hearing impairment ...

  • ​The Lenches, Abbots Morton & Harvington
    • 15 August 2017

    Pray for our growing relationship with our group neighbours: Inkberrow et al, to grow in our calling as Christ’s disciples. Give thanks for our two church schools with their Outstanding OFSTED ranking. Pray that we ...

  • ​Evesham Missioner
    • 14 August 2017

    Pray for Sarah Hewitt, Evesham Mission and for all at Fairfield Church fresh expression as we continue to grow and find our way. Give thanks for the service teams and children’s team and for all ...

  • ​A new service in Droitwich
    • 13 August 2017

    On Pentecost Sunday last year, Droitwich curate, Laura Handy, launched a new type of church service in Droitwich Parish, based at St Andrew’s Church. “Although there is lots of great worship happening across our churches ...

  • ​ASUM Group
    • 12 August 2017

    Pray for Bengeworth as we explore our faith, and the ways we can live a Christian life. For our retired clergy Michael Grylls and Julian Bomyer. For ASUM group’s joint children’s work, including the summer ...

  • ​ASUM Group
    • 11 August 2017

    We pray for the three churches of Hampton w Sedgeberrow & Hinton on the Green, that God will work powerfully to support and grow our faith. Pray that children will find a welcome. Give thanks ...

  • ​ASUM Group
    • 10 August 2017

    Pray for the Parishes of Evesham with Norton & Lenchwick: for Saturday Coffee Mornings in Norton and the new Germinate Enterprise Development Programme. For our churchwardens and retired clergy Nick Wright, Bishop Robert Paterson, John ...

  • ​Diocese of Morogoro
    • 9 August 2017

    It continues to be both expensive and important to maintain and develop the main institutions within the Diocese: Berega Hospital and Orphanage, and Morogoro Bible College. Pray for their smooth running, and sufficient budget to ...

  • ​Cleeve Prior & the Littletons
    • 8 August 2017

    Please pray for our schools in Badsey, Bretforton, Offenham, South Littleton and Cleeve Prior. We remember our outreach groups in the benefice: Jigsaw, Open the Book team, The 3Ms group, and those who attend and ...

  • ​Badsey, Offenham & Bretforton
    • 7 August 2017

    Pray for our newly formed Benefice of The East Vale & Avon Villages. For the continuing good fellowship and collaboration that is flourishing. For administrator Wendy and our churchwardens. Clergy: Philip Morton; Readers: Alan & ...

  • ​The Boys2Men Project
    • 6 August 2017

    Boys2Men is a registered charity working through schools in Redditch. It originally started as part of Christ Church Community Project (in association with Worcestershire YMCA), but is now a standalone project in its 9th year.  ...

  • Broadway and Wickhamford
    • 5 August 2017

    Give thanks for the event held in July where we came together in St Michael’s and St Eadburgha’s churches to celebrate our community, praying for all who were involved and took part. Pray also for ...