Welcome to the Diocese of Worcester where we believe that the Church exists to serve those who are not - or not yet - its members.

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Welcome to the Diocese of Worcester.

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St Chads, Kidderminster celebrates 60 years!

St Chads, Kidderminster celebrates 60 years! 23 May 2016

St Chad's Church in Kidderminster celebrates 60 years since it was founded.

On Sunday 22 May, Bishop John led a special service to a packed church to celebrate 60 years since the founding of St Chad’s Church on Comberton. Regular members of the church were joined by a number of visitors from across the UK to mark this anniversary, including Karen and Bill Welsh and their family who flew over from Northern Ireland for the event. Karen said:“There is something special at St Chad’s Church which you don’t realise until you come back.”In his address the Bishop spoke about St Chad being a role model in his own life, and the fact that ... more

Unveiling an angel in Cradley

Bishop Graham & the Cradley angel 17 May 2016

St. Peter's, Cradley has unveiled its first piece of public art: A functional angel bench sculpture by local artist Luke Perry.

Sermon podcast: Trinity Sunday

Archdeacon Robert 16 May 2016

Robert Jones, 22 May 2016 more

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A Day to Explore Near Death Experiences

Where: Holland House
When: Saturday 28th May 10am to 4pm

Just what happens to people who are clinically ‘dead’ and then return to life with clear memories of a time when their brains were not functioning? What explanations are there for a phenomenon which is becoming ever more common as resuscitation techniques improve? Is there a universal pattern in Near Death Experiences? Are they a modern phenomenon? What does research tell us? Are they proof of survival of death? Do they indicate anything about consciousness? How do they relate to what religions tell us about life after death? What are the lasting effects of such experiences? What can we learn from them? All these aspects of NDEs will be examined, and individual accounts considered. There will also be plenty of time for discussion. £30 per person

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