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  • Prayer Diary (March - May 2016)

    The Comms team in the diocesan office produces the Prayer Diary to encourage prayer for individuals, parishes and organisations within the diocese.

  • ​Dudley Town Churches
    • 3 June 2017

    Pray for the community of St Barnabas in times of change as we find new uses for our building - hosting a local pre-school and other community groups. Pray for Churchwardens Vi Greensil and Jacqui ...

  • ​Forge Group Ministry
    • 2 June 2017

    Please pray for Darby End and our continued growth in faith and in numbers. Pray for those who are new to St Peter’s and for long-standing members. Clergy: Mike Rutter; Ecumenical Partner: Brian Roberts Diocese of ...

  • ​Forge Group Ministry
    • 1 June 2017

    Please pray for all who serve God at St Andrew’s Netherton, all on the PCC and sub-groups and those doing jobs that go unseen but are of equal importance. Clergy: Mike Rutter; Reader: Norman Jeavons Diocese ...

  • ​Forge Group Ministry
    • 31 May 2017

    Pray for the communities of Dudley Wood & Cradley Heath. Thank God for the success of our annual pantomime. Ask God to be close to those parents who send their children to our weekly children’s ...

  • ​Dudley Deanery
    • 30 May 2017

    Pray for the life of our Deanery at a time of change, for supportive relationships between the churches and for vision and energy for new possibilities in the life of the Church in Dudley Borough ...

  • ​Hospices in the Diocese
    • 29 May 2017

    Pray for all of those who are patients in hospices around the Diocese, for their families and friends and for the staff and volunteers who care for them. Diocese of Nnewi (Nigeria): Bishop Godwin Okpala

  • ​Thy Kingdom Come 25 May – 4 June
    • 28 May 2017

    From Ascension Day to Pentecost, parishes across the Diocese are joining with Christians worldwide in a ten-day wave of prayer. This is the second year of the initiative from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York ...

  • ​Homelessness
    • 27 May 2017

    Pray for people without a permanent place to stay and ask for God’s blessing on all those who work to provide them with shelter, food and friendship. Diocese of Niger West (Nigeria): Bishop Johnson Ekwe

  • ​Retired Clergy in Worcester East
    • 26 May 2017

    We remember and give thanks for the 26 retired clergy in the Worcester East Deanery. Many parishes benefit from their continued service and fellowship. We pray for them as they seek to understand better their ...

  • ​Ascension Day
    • 25 May 2017

    A hymn of glory let us sing. New songs throughout the world shall ring. Christ, by a road before untrod, ascendeth to the throne of God. Alleluia!

  • ​Economy and Daily Life
    • 24 May 2017

    Pray for volunteer workplace chaplains serving in a wide variety of contexts, and those undertaking this month’s Faith at Work in Worcestershire workplace chaplaincy training course. Pray for discernment in developing new ministry as a ...

  • ​Worcester Almshouses
    • 23 May 2017

    For the chaplaincies at Laslett’s and St Oswald’s. For loving communities where the elderly can be valued. For Nash’s & Wyatt’s Court, Berkeley’s Court and Walsgrove Court (All Saints Parish), Queen Elizabeth’s Almhouses (St George’s ...

  • ​Worcester South East Team
    • 22 May 2017

    Please hold Holy Trinity & St Matthew, Ronkswood in your continued prayers, especially our building project and for all involved in raising money, working with partner organisations and ‘keeping the show on the road’. Clergy: ...

  • ​Rogation
    • 21 May 2017

    Rogation is an opportunity to pray to God for farming as the spring shoots and the young animals begin to grow. Traditionally, it has involved walking round the fields and sometimes marking the boundaries of ...

  • ​Worcester South East Team
    • 20 May 2017

    Pray for St Mark in the Cherry Orchard. Give thanks for our improved church access. Pray for our links with the local community, especially those using our church hall. Clergy: Andrew Stand, Richard Heading, David ...

  • ​Worcester South East Team
    • 19 May 2017

    Pray for St Philip & St James, Whittington, for our links in the community and for areas of new housing. For Whittington CE School, Head: Gary Richards. Clergy: Andrew Stand, Bishop Christopher Mayfield, David Rogers; ...

  • ​Worcester South East Team
    • 18 May 2017

    Pray for the community of St Martin, London Road. For all those who have supported us during our vacancy, for visiting clergy for taking services, for the wardens and PCC for keeping the church running. ...

  • ​Evangelische Kirche in Mitteldeutschland
    • 17 May 2017

    Please pray for the final preparations of the Kirchentag on the Way (25 to 28 May), celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Pray that it will be a festival of Christ - of reconciliation, ...

  • ​St Nicholas, Worcester
    • 16 May 2017

    Give thanks for our Kingdom Kids outreach and for the relationships being built with local families. Pray for us as we review our Local Ecumenical Partnership and working together. Clergy: Diane Cooksey, Helen Caine (Methodist), ...