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  • Diocesan Quiet Day

    A Quiet Day for licensed clergy in the Diocese of Worcester

  • Big Bible Study 2017
    • Saturday 30 September, 10am - 1pm

    A chance for all Christians to come together to study the bible & share lunch!

  • Diocesan Quiet Day

    A 'Quiet Day' for licensed clergy in the Diocese of Worcester

  • Lent Message 2017

    (Scroll down for the video) Lent is a a time to deepen our faith. There are lots of ways of doing that of course, including prayer, almsgiving and fasting. Whilst embracing those traditional Lenten activities ...

  • A response to the House of Bishop's report

    Much has been written about the House of Bishops’ report Marriage and Same Sex Relationships after the Shared Conversations. Here are a few more words.The hope of the House and College of Bishops in publishing ...

  • Bishop John leads visit to Peru
    • 5 February 2017

    This month, Bishop John will be leading a small diocesan party to visit friends in our link diocese of Peru. Bishop John last visited Peru in early 2012, and there have been major changes since then ...

  • General synod
    New report from the House of Bishops on same sex relationships

    A new report from the House of Bishops to be discussed by the Church’s General Synod next month upholds the teaching, recognised by canon law, that marriage is the lifelong union of one man and ...

  • Sue Irwin blessing a plough
    A new role for the Revd Sue Irwin

    The Bishop of Worcester congratulates the Reverend Sue Irwin on her appointment to the office of Chaplain at St Oswald’s Hospital with some ministry at Worcester Cathedral.Bishop John is sure that all present will wish ...

  • Bishop John, Jean Norman & Charles Thomas
    Wulfstan Cross for dedicated Worcester lady

    Bishop John yesterday presented Jean Norman, 86 from St. Wulstan’s Church in Worcester, with the Wulfstan Cross, an award which pays tribute to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the life of the ...

  • Aspects of Ecumenism, our common pilgrimage
    • Thursday 19 January, 7.30pm

    Bishop John will explore the present state of ecumenical relationships.

  • Pilgrims in the Cathedral
    Mini pilgrimage around the Cathedral

    Yesterday evening, around 70 people met at the Cathedral for a ‘mini pilgrimage’. The event was partly a reunion for those who had been on the recent ecumenical pilgrimage to the Holy Land, but was ...

  • Holy Land pilgrimage reunion
    • Wednesday 18 January, 7pm

    A Candlelight Pilgrimage at the Cathedral. All welcome

  • Diocesan Quiet Day

    A quiet day for licensed clergy in the Diocese of Worcester

  • Bishop's Certificate
  • Bishop John
    Bishop John's New Year message

    2016 was quite a year. As far as many people were concerned there wasn’t that much good news during it – it seemed to be characterised by disagreement, whether ugly ‘post truth’ arguments here before ...

  • Bishop John
    Sermon podcast: Christmas Day

    Press the play button to listen to the recording or click on the Download link to download a .mp3 file to your computer.What a wonderful and glorious time Christmas is. It's wonderful because of the ...

  • Bishop Graham preaching
    Bishop Graham's Christmas Message 2016

    The school nativity play where everything goes wrong must be every teacher’s nightmare. The innkeeper who says ‘come in’ instead of ‘there’s no room’. Joseph standing on Mary’s toe and making her cry. The angels ...

  • Bishop John's Christmas Message 2016

    I've had babies on my mind this year - that's because my first grandchild was born in April. Becoming a grandfather has been an immensely joyful experience. Many things have struck me forcibly as a ...

  • Holy Land pilgrims 2016
    A successful joint pilgrimage

    Pilgrims on the first Ecumenical Pilgrimage led by bishops of the Anglican and Catholic Churches have recently returned from their ground-breaking visit to the Holy Land. The Bishop of Worcester, Dr John Inge and the ...

  • Bishops' Office