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Sharing ways to live the Kingdom

Saturday 10 October 2015, 10am - 3:30pm

A free day event for all. Food provided free, courtesy of a charitable trust.

Read Bishop John's article about the day.

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A message from Bishop Graham:

My prayer, and that of the planning team, is that this will be a day to inspire, encourage and resource you. We hope it’s a day when you can listen to God in Jesus and be inspired by the Holy Spirit both in your own journey of faith, but also in how you might share that faith with others in your family, parish, school or place of work.

Together we seek to be Kingdom People. We live that way of life in the shadow of Jesus and the fruit of that life is seen in love, compassion, justice and freedom. There is much to do on the day and I’m grateful to everyone who has contributed. I hope you try new things, discover new blessings, and get to know new people from across the Diocese of Worcester.

Enjoy every moment of it!

9:30am: Coffee and croissants served in the Chapter House

10:15am: Worship in the Cathedral with Bishop John, Mark Russell (Church Army CEO & Canon of Worcester) and drama from 4Front Theatre Group.

Details of the workshops

Cathedral Crypt ~ Simple ways to pray

Short drop-in sessions throughout the day, plus resources and expertise available any time! 

11am: Praying with Children (St. Richard’s School) 

11.50am: Praying with Lectio Divina (Bishop John)

1.15pm: Praying with the Franciscans (Glasshampton Monastery) 

1.45pm: Praying with Taize 

2.15: Praying with scripture (Paul Swann) 

Prayers for healing available throughout the day.

Lady Chapel, Cathedral ~ Simple ways to better serve your community with love, justice, compassion and freedom

Resources available throughout the day to include: 

  • “Be a Presence” - including representatives, displays, talks and presentations from Street & prayer pastors
  • “Be Available for Prayer” - Pray One for Me, open church, letter drops, healing on the streets
  • “Be Open About Christ” - Sharing faith out and about in non-threatening ways - including presentation from soft evangelism approached e.g. message in a name, community groups, posada and other crafts, children families worker
  • “Be a Community” - including representatives, displays, talks and presentations from community house projects in the Diocese
  • “Be Welcoming” - Targeting new homes Welcoming newcomers to the community
  • “Be Relevant” - Fresh Expressions of Church/Community stories from around the Diocese - displays, DVDs, resources, networks – All Sorts pop-up service
  • “Be There!” - Hitting the streets – giveaways from your church - ‘Love Stourbridge’ and other examples from around the Diocese – pubs and rural churches – random acts of kindness – loaves and fishes and foodbank, CIP, CTis, In the Picture, Walk of Witness

There will be 4 workshops on the stage in this area:

  • 11am: Street Pastors
  • 11.50am: Soft evangelism: practical demonstrations including door to door
  • 1.15pm: Brickworks: Planting a church with no building in a community with no name
  • 2.05pm: Fresh Expressions: including a mini service in its own right

The Great Hall, Old Palace ~ Simple ways to transform your worship

11am: Worship without Musicians 

  • Often we think that just because we don’t have an organist or keyboard player we can’t have any music, but our churches are full of musicians. I passionately believe the basic music-making unit of any church is the whole congregation – choirs, organists, bands are only ever there to support.  So come and find your voice as we sing God’s praise together!

11.50am: Touched by Music: Meeting the Lord through our Senses and being a dementia-friendly church

  • Touched by Music is part of VOICE and SINGING Café© produced by the Pastoral Care Project. This resource will help to develop an awareness of our senses. Understanding the power of music will free our senses in our everyday life, and enable us to meet the Lord in our worship. – led by Glenys Roberson and Frances Molloy 

1.15pm: Worship 4 Everyone (All Age)

  • Interactive, fun workshop to get us thinking outside of the box about, the opportunities it can bring and the fun you can have! Worship isn’t just for individual ages to get together in their separate groups but for everyone regardless of age to get together and Worship the Lord! 

2.05pm: Being a Welcoming Church: 

  • When visitors come into your church, do they feel welcome, or as though they have intruded on a meeting of a private club where they don't know the people or the rules? How can we ensure our churches are welcoming, places people want to come back to, communities they want to explore belonging to? Ten top tips to improve welcome from Archdeacon Nikki.

Outside the cathedral & Old Palace ~ Simple ways to help children and young people to belong and be nurtured in faith 

In the Children’s Tent - get inspired, have fun, ask us questions about your children’s work and share your stories.

15 minute showcases:

  • 11am: Open the Book – Helps Parishes with school links
  • 11.35am: Godly Pay – a sacred way to tell scripture bible stories
  • 12.10pm: Faith at Home – putting parents back in the driving seat
  • 1.15pm: Puppets – why use them? when to use them? and how to use them
  • 1.50pm: Storytelling – there are many ways to tell a story, come and see some of them
  • 2.25pm: Mainly Music – for toddlers and parents

Plus craft activities and information on toddler groups & children’s bibles available throughout the day

Activities for young people throughout the day:

  • Climbing Wall – Can you reach the top? Youth Council will encourage you!
  • Drama workshop (4Front)
  • Drumming workshop
  • Wychavon Youth bus - All aboard for consoles, board games, detached youth resources + information.
  • Skate Ramps – Ride your scooter or board; park it on the van when you’re done! [Bring your own scooter!]

Abbot’s Kitchen ~ Simple ways to offer your time and talents to God 

11am: Courses and Catechisms, resources to help grow disciples in the local church. 

  • In this session David Sherwin and Doug Chaplin will explore some of the resources we can use and adapt for helping people grow into, and grow in, their understanding and experience of Christian faith. Among the materials we shall explore are DiscipleKit, Alpha courses, the Pilgrim course and the idea of a FAQ as a modern catechism for church websites. Anyone participating in the group who has discovered any effective resource is invited to bring it with them as well.

11.50am: Following Jesus with Scriptures and Stories, bring your own to share .

  • In this session David Sherwin and Doug Chaplin will look at the importance of stories for shaping, challenging and encouraging us to grow in faith, hope and love. We shall look at stories in the Bible and in the lives of all who seek to follow Jesus: saints of the past as well as ourselves and our contemporaries. All participants are invited to bring either a story of their own experience, or a story they have found particularly inspiring, to share in pairs or threes with one another.

1.15pm: What can we do about climate change? Practical ideas to use with children, young people and the young at heart.

  • This Christian Aid led workshop will help you to understand more about the impact of climate change, particularly on the world's poorest people. It will offer opportunities for discussion and practical activities designed to help your congregation to think about and respond to the challenges raised.

2.05pm: Faith responses to climate change: Some theological perspectives.

  • This Christian Aid led workshop will include a bible study and will offer an opportunity to explore the faith foundations for our response to the challenge of climate change.

Reception Area, Old Palace ~ Simple ways to be resourced & released to minister to others 

Three workshops: 

11am & 1.15pm: Simple ways to discern and use your gifts: perspectives, stories and exercises to help us to follow God’s call 

11.50am: Simple stories from people who minister in the community, wider world and church: brief input with an chance to listen and engage.

  • We often think of a calling to ministry as something which only happens to clergy, monks and nuns. This workshop aims to expand our idea of the scope of ministry and the range of people whom God calls. It’s based on the belief that God has given gifts to all and longs for us to recognise and use them in service of others. We’ll hear stories from people who have responded to God’s call and now minister in a variety of places and in diverse ways. All of them would see themselves as ordinary people, a number of them will have experienced God’s call as a total surprise, or resisted it – or thought they weren’t good enough or special enough. But each of them has said ‘yes’ to God and find themselves: welcoming and supporting asylum seekers; chairing the deanery synod; preaching; being a pastoral assistant; a chaplain; a carer for a family member – and even a vicar. There’ll be a chance to ask questions after the pattern of ‘speed dating’ and a chance to pick up some resources to help you explore further. 

2.05pm: Simple next steps in exploring ministry: practical ideas and resources for creating possibilities and overcoming obstacles. 

  • Exploring ministry can sometimes feel like a ‘one step forward, two steps back’ experience – after lots of exciting progress where we’re filled with enthusiasm, an unexpected challenge can produce a feeling of almost starting again. This workshop looks at finding creative contexts where we can gain experience of different aspects of ministry, develop confidence in our gifts and deepen our insight into God’s purposes for us, and also at how we respond to what might feel like setbacks and obstacles. Why has this happened? What can we learn about ourselves? How does the experience illuminate our sense of calling? How do we move forward? Exploring ministry is a journey of discovery where no experience is without value and where one of the most important discoveries is that no one is ever called by God and then left adrift. Our part is to try and discern in which direction to swim!

Severn Room, Old Palace ~ Simple ways to make the most of your building 

11am: Simple ways to transform your church building for mission organising, accessibility, creature comforts, clean and tidy.

  • Church buildings bear witness. “Sir, we wish to see Jesus” (John 12:21) is a request made by people on the outside to those on the inside. To those on the outside, if the church building looks miserable, the same is seamlessly true both of the worshipping community and also of God. 

11.50am: Simple ways to save money in the long term – why preventative maintenance is the key.

  • Decay is a fact of life. Maintenance prevents things from going wrong and slows the rate of decay. Maintenance is looking and then doing. The main cause of early, premature or rapid decay is not noticing or inertia which result in expensive repairs. “Regular checks prevent large cheques”. 

1.15pm: Simple Ways to make faculties easier – understand what you have, vision, clarify what you need, consultation.

  • Faculties are easier than you imagine – if you approach them in the right way. This session discusses seven steps towards a successful application, and explains a little of why faculties are good for the church and for its people. Change can happen, but it needs to be the right change for the right reason 

2.05pm: Simple Ways to make your case for change – Statement of Significance and Statement of Need, community engagement, effective communications.

  • If you think that nothing can be changed in church buildings, think again. But the need for change needs to be researched, quantified and communicated. This session discusses seven steps towards making the case for change. The history of our church buildings, even the ancient listed ones, is a history of change.  

Cathedral Tower – Using Bellringing as Mission 

11am: Bells in Church Life & in the community (this workshop runs all morning - Max 12 people)

  • Bellringing is a unique English past time which helps establish the church in the centre of the community, bells tell everyone there is church. Bellringing is great for families and young people to contribute to church life. The Cathedral has a unique teaching centre which is a resource for the Diocese. The cathedral's bellringers are leading the nationwide renaissance in bellringing and look forward to welcoming ringers and new ringers throughout the Diocese. This introductory workshop includes a tour of the tower, the bells and the ringing room. And the opportunity to see how the teaching centre works.

Organisations with stands in the cloisters

TraidcraftThrough the RoofProspects / Resources on Mental Health issues / iSingPopBible Reading FellowshipOpen the BookRootsGod VentureAmnesty InternationalChurch ArmyArthur Rank CentreChildren’s SocietyLyttelton WellChristian Aid / Far Forest Centre


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