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  • Clergy Training Timetable

    Clergy training timetable updated June 2017. Clergy days start with registration at 9.45 and finish at lunchtime or 3.30 for a whole day, unless otherwise stated.

  • Taking Funerals Seriously

    Come and hear about the reserach that is now being made available across the Church of England

  • Stewardship Study Day

    A day of high quality teaching and reflection for clergy and readers on Stewardship

  • Diocesan Quiet Day

    A Quiet Day for licensed clergy in the Diocese of Worcester

  • Sermon podcast: Christ the King

    Press the play button to listen to the recording or click on the Download link to download a .mp3 file to your computer.If you’re listening to this podcast in a church building, I wonder if ...

  • Claire Ord & Helen Glithero being licensed
    New Hospital Chaplains licensed

    Two new hospital chaplains have been licensed for the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. Baptist Minister, Claire Ord and Anglican Vicar Helen Glithero were welcomed to the team at a special service in the entrance ...

  • Teme Valley South Priest-in-Charge & Rural Ministry Enabler

    Priest-in-Charge & Rural Ministry Enabler inTeme Valley SouthThe people of this benefice in the midst of beautiful countryside aim to be a 'community going forward with God' and seek a priest to join them who ...

  • Vicar Malvern Deanery

    MALVERN DEANERYThe benefice of Powick, Guarlford, and Madresfield with Newland in the beautiful surroundings of Malvern and Worcester is looking for an innovative new Vicar who iscreative and looking forward to developing a vision for ...

  • Education Training Day - Developing Relationships with the School Community

    Explore effective ways to strengthen and deepen relationships between local churches & communities

  • Bishop's Certificate presentation
    Bishop's Certificate presentation 2017

    Around 40 people in groups from Droitwich, Evesham, Old Hill and Oldswinford have received a special certificate from the Bishop of Dudley, Graham Usher, marking the completion of a course designed to help them relate ...

  • Supervision Skills in the Parish

    Supervision skills for church leaders

  • Orion Edgar
    Orion Edgar to move to Malvern

    With the agreement of the Bishop of Worcester, and for the purpose of gaining wider experience and a furthering of his ministerial formation, the Revd Dr Orion Edgar with be leaving Pershore Abbey on 19 ...

  • Curate Opportunities
  • Sermon podcast: Trinity 19

    Press the play button to listen to the recording or click on the Download link to download a .mp3 file to your computer.“Give therefore to the emperor the things that are the emperor’s, and to ...

  • Emma Goldby
    Emma Goldby licensed in Stoulton
    • 13 October 2017

    On Thursday 12 October, the Revd Emma Goldby was licensed in the Church of St Edmund King & Martyr Stoulton as curate-in-charge of this church, St Barnabas Drakes Broughton and St Peter Pirton, also as ...

  • Kidderminster pet blessings
    Pet blessing in Kidderminster
    • 9 October 2017

    On Sunday, 8 October two special services were held by Kidderminster West Team Ministry to bless animals which bring such joy and companionship.At St John's Church, dogs, cats in baskets and a pet rat were welcomed. ...

  • Sermon podcast: Trinity 18

    Press the play button to listen to the recording or click on the Download link to download a .mp3 file to your computer. Many are called, but few are chosenI received a telephone call with ...

  • Adam Legge in Rwanda
    Report from Rwanda

    Mission Enabler, Adam Legge, recently visited Rwanda with Scripture Union. Here is a report about his time there:  Worldwide 2.5 billion people engage with church each week whereas 5 billion people participate in sport on ...

  • David Rogers
    An obituary of Canon David Rogers
    • 2 October 2017

    Following the death of the Revd Canon David Rogers, Will Jupe, member of St Martin's Church, London Road, Worcester has put together this obituary for their parish magazine. 'Happy are the kind', Jesus said. But what ...