Section A. Ministry

A8 (ii) Diocese of Worcester Clergy Holiday Fund

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Registered Charity No. 502195

Clergy may be eligible to apply for a grant towards the cost of a holiday. There is a trust fund available within the diocese established in 1972 to administer a gift from Mrs E.B. Howarth. The Trustees are, ex-officio, the Bishop of Worcester, the Bishop of Dudley and the Diocesan Secretary.

The trust deed defines the purpose of the fund as “providing holidays for the poor and needy Clergy of the Diocese of Worcester and their families in order that by proper rest they may more effectively promote the worship of God provided that the Trustees may at their discretion provide holidays for such Clergy and their families outside the Diocese of Worcester.

Grants are normally made in line with the following criteria:

  • to clergy who are experiencing financial pressure, particularly those with households where the stipend is the only substantial source of household income, and
  • consideration of the cost of the holiday (usually in whole up to £650 and in part thereafter), and
  • the grant is up to £800, usually between £650 and £800.

However these criteria, particularly the first, have been varied in appropriate circumstances and all cases will be considered.

Grants will not normally be made to the same applicant more frequently than once in every two years.

Applications are usually made via the appropriate archdeacon, who may be asked by the Trustees to comment as a matter of course, but may also be made directly to the Trustees. A letter of application should set out:

  • Who is going on the holiday
  • Brief description of the holiday
  • The estimated total cost of the holiday
  • The level of grant requested
  • Any other financial support expected for the holiday
  • Brief summary of household income
  • Brief details of any other holidays taken in the last 12 months or planned in the next 12 months.

April 2016