Easter 2


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Based on Luke 24


It had all ended in tears.Jesus, whom so many believed to be the Messiah for whom they had prayed and waited for, had died on the cross. Now his disciples were full of fear, with the 11 locking themselves in an upper room, whilst two others set out on the road to Emmaus to escape Jerusalem.

Many of us who have experienced the death of a loved one will identify with the feelings of the first few days – the numbness, the shock, the awful knowing and yet the disbelief; and the questions: How could it have happened? Why now? What if? If only …..

The mood of Cleopas and his companion as they walked along the road to Emmaus was low, downbeat, they were still in shock that Jesus, so powerful in word and deed that they had hoped, no believed he was their long-awaited Messiah, had been crucified and today they learned his body had disappeared from the tomb.

How do we feel when something we’ve been hoping for ends in total disappointment? Many people in the last two months have had longed-for holidays cancelled. That break from the pressures of work, not just wanted but really needed. Disappointments that have then been overlaid with fears for their health or that of loved ones.

How might we be expressing our fears? Standing upright with shoulders back to face the world or head bowed, shoulders hunched, looking at our feet as we walk, avoiding eye contact with other people we see about. Cleopas and his companion were walking in a south-westerly direction, facing into a gradually setting sun.Would they have wanted to look up and talk to a stranger that day, least of all explaining all the terrible things that had happened, reliving the pain.

But then Jesus started to talk with them, explaining all that had been said about him in the scriptures, but they hadn’t recognised him. Yet when they reached the village whey were sufficiently engaged with him to ask him to stop and eat with them. Perhaps he’d lightened their mood and eased their heartache a little.

It was only when he sat at table and broke bread they recognised who it was and just as they did he disappeared. What were their feelings then? Overjoyed that this wasn’t the end of things as they had thought but a new beginning with all their hopes revived. Now they felt compelled to rush back to Jerusalem and share their good news.

The message for all of us is the same. HOPE. Hope in the resurrection, that there is life beyond this physical one. Without Christ’s resurrection the hopelessness of his crucifixion would never have been redeemed, but Christ never leaves us without hope, whatever our current experiences may be.So we can truly say today, ‘Alleluia, Christ is risen! He is risen indeed, alleluia.’


Our lives have been changed by the coronavirus. 

  • Can we see any good coming out of the situation?
  • For ourselves, for the world?
  • What are we hoping for when this is all over?

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