The present year of ALM Training is in full swing, and we look forward to a new Director of Ministry & Discipleship, headed by Jonathan Kimber starting at Easter.

The next ALM Training will commence September 2016 - we have a year off to consolidate training, and promotion will start in the spring of that year.

Here is the information about the Authorised Lay Ministry programme for the diocese, beginning in October 2016. It is clear that lay ministry comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes in the parishes, and that there are in fact many local ministry teams of one kind or another in a variety of settings.

Our hope is that this programme of training will supplement and inform that, as well as encouraging new forms of ministry to develop. You will see that the process of discernment involves the incumbent and ministry team (whether formal or informal) and the PCC or DCC. This is about collaborative ministry and team-working, but without wanting to spell out what that might mean in your locality.

Please complete and return this form, by 30 June. If you know your PCC will be unable to discuss it until later, please return the form anyway, and send the PCC endorsement subsequently. 

The application form above is an editable PDF. Supporting documents are linked to below.

Please read the contents thoroughly for your information. You can save the application form and email to us if you wish, but you will need to post the signatures separately. (We're currently unable to accept digital signatures.) It will probably be easier to print out and post the form (to the address on the form).

Contact the Ministry and Discipleship team administrator (Emma Woollaston) or the ALM Course Leader (Doug Chaplin) if you have any queries or questions.

Supporting documents

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