Worcester Diocesan Registry

The legal office of the diocese

The work of the Diocesan Registry includes:

  • the licensing of clergy and lay office holders
  • patronage
  • the consecration of churches and churchyards
  • the operation of the faculty system
  • the issue of common marriage licences
  • maintenance of diocesan records
  • advice to clergy, various ecclesiastical boards and officials and the public on all these areas of activity and ecclesiastical law generally

Correspondence intended for the Chancellor, the Worshipful Charles Mynors, or his deputy, the Worshipful John Summers, should be addressed to the Registry.

Generally this work is financed by the Church Commissioners for England and the Worcester Diocesan Board of Finance and so is free of charge to parishes and the public. Marriage licences and certain faculties do however attract a statutory fee.

The Registrar and Deputy Registrar are solicitors, members of Stallard March and Edwards of Worcester. 

The Registry is at:

8 Sansome Walk,

The Registrar: Stuart C. Ness
Switchboard: 01905 723561
Email:  Stuart.Ness@smesolicitors.co.uk

Deputy Registrar: Jack Smith
Switchboard: 01905 723561
Email:  jack.smith@smesolicitors.co.uk

Registry Secretary: Liz Matthews
Direct line: 01905 727222
Email:  Liz.Matthews@smesolicitors.co.uk

PA to Stuart Ness: Kirsty Evans
Switchboard: 01905 723561
Email:  Kirsty.Evans@smesolicitors.co.uk