Dr Michael Harper

Chairman, Diocesan Healing Advisory Group

01684 830133

Main responsibilities

  • To provide leadership, direction and cohesion to the Group
  • To chair the regular meetings of the Group
  • To help reflect and fulfil the aims and objectives of the Group within the Diocese
  • To be aware of Diocesan priorities for the Healing Ministries, and to keep Bishop John aware of progress

About me

I’m a doctor.

I am near extinction professionally, but have spent my life in General Practice and Palliative Medicine, as well as six wonderful years at a Christian Hospital and Healing Centre (Burrswood).

I now work two days a week in hospice medicine, mostly at St Richards Hospice.

I am a Reader, am married to Jane, and have four grown up children and countless grandchildren. Just when I remember how many I’ve got, another one appears.

I get brown mowing, weeding, hacking and hoeing, and browned off with too much administration.

I love my wife, family and friends, and I love the Lord. I love the hills and the sea, and creation in general, though I wish my little bit of it self-regulated its growth better. I try not to love things.