Parish Returns

Archbishops’ Council deadlines

Please could the:

  • Statistics for Mission Returns be completed on-line by 31st January 2020 (the form opens for data on 1 January 2020)
  • Finance Returns be completed on-line by 31st May 2020.

(If you wish to send paper forms through the post we would need them by 16th January and 8th May respectively).

The reason for these deadlines is to enable early, and therefore most relevant, analysis and publication of the attendance statistics. The date for submission of the finance returns is to relate it to the timetable for PCCs' Annual Reports & Accounts being received at Annual Parochial Church Meetings.

The forms are no longer collected by the Archdeacons in May.

Completing the returns online

We are encouraging PCCs to complete their parish returns online.

We give login details for anyone able to enter the returns online.

Many PCCs are finding this not only the simplest way of submitting the information but also to be helpful in the way that their own parish's data is analysed and presented showing trends over recent years and comparisons with deanery and diocesan averages.

If your parish is not already signed up for this, please find someone who could act as parish contact, and ask the Finance Team (01905 732804) for the initial login details.

About the attendance return - count by church

As was the case for the 2016 returns, the attendance figures will be collected on a church basis, rather than a parish basis.

This will mean that data for parishes with more than one church should be input for each church. (The database will then do the adding up to combine the figures to report for each parish). We can help you set up separate log-in details for each church if you wish.

The special focus question for 2019 is about your church’s involvement in outreach into the community and response to social issues.

The finance form

The 2019 finance form is in the same format as that for 2018. Download the form from the related attachments below.

Need extra forms?

You can also download PDF versions of the Attendance and Finance Forms, together with the accompanying guidance notes at the CofE Parish Returns website.

For more information

Contact the Finance Team.

October 2019

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