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This is the Diocese of Worcester News Feed. To view it, you will need an RSS Reader application supported by your browser. Most browsers support this natively but if you use Google Chrome, you may need to download a plugin.

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Full news feed (including press releases, parish news, daily prayers and sermon podcasts): http://www.cofe-worcester.org.uk/news/feed/

Or select individual feeds:

News: http://www.cofe-worcester.org.uk/news/feed/news/

Press Releases: http://www.cofe-worcester.org.uk/news/feed/press-release/

Daily Prayers: http://www.cofe-worcester.org.uk/news/feed/prayer-diary/

Sermon Podcasts: http://www.cofe-worcester.org.uk/news/feed/sermon-podcasts/

Church of England: https://feedity.com/churchofengland-org/UlNTVFVUVA.rss