Poppies for Remembrance

Published: 6th October 2020

For many, the Royal British Legion’s red poppy is a symbol of peace and remembrance for those who gave their lives in times of war. Over the years the annual Poppy Appeal, first held in 1921, has raised vital money to support Britain’s Armed Forces, veterans and their families in their times of need. However, this is not the only poppy appeal which exists to promote peace and to remember wartime sacrifice.

The white poppy was first designed and distributed in 1933 by the Peace Pledge Union, the UK’s oldest pacifist group. Many veterans of the First World War, and indeed, of wars since, opted to wear the white poppy to stress the ‘never again’ message and to visually represent their commitment to peace.

Black poppies are also available each year from Black Poppy Rose, to especially remember those in the African, Black, Caribbean and Pacific Islands communities who contributed to or who died during various conflicts since the 16th century.

Animal victims of wartime, like horses and dogs, are also remembered through the wearing of purple poppies. Organised by the War Horse Memorial, donations for purple poppies are given to animal charities including World Horse Welfare and Blue Cross.

Whatever colour you choose to wear, poppies remain an important symbol to remember all those affected by war. 

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