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New Co-Wardens of Readers

Published: 7th May 2021

Kath Davis and Rob FarmerBishop John has announced the appointment of Kath Davis and the Rob Farmer as Co-Wardens of Readers (Licensed Lay Ministers) in the diocese. 

This appointment marks a change in the way support will be offered to those involved in this ministry.  Under the previous provision, Sue Oliver served as Diocesan Warden, with Kath (Dudley) and Rob (Worcester) as Archdeaconry Wardens.  Following Sue’s retirement, Kath and Rob have been appointed to be Co-Wardens, sharing the ministry across the whole Diocese.  This arrangement will enable greater flexibility as the new deanery structure becomes established.  Kath and Rob will serve as equal partners, thus providing a model of collaborative ministry.

Bishop John said:

"I am delighted that Kath and Rob have agreed to take on this new role together.  To have two Co-Wardens is a new and creative way of providing encouragement, pastoral care and support for our Licensed Lay Minsters and the people with whom and among whom they minister, promoting their well-being, and also raising the profile of this ministry. 

To have two Co-Wardens, one Reader one ordained, one male one female, is to exemplify the kind of collaborative ministry which we want to encourage throughout the diocese.  I also wish to record my heartfelt thanks to Sue Oliver for her faithful diligence over the past four years as Warden, as well as her sixteen years in parish ministry, mostly in this diocese, and to wish her well in retirement."

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