Families' Activity Week in Kidderminster West

Published: 30th July 2020

Every first week of the summer holidays, the Kidderminster West Team Ministry offers a week of fun, free activities to build on relationships between church members and families, and to introduce new children and families to church.  This year, due to virus restrictions, the team decided to hold this week mostly online, with one in-person event.  The theme for the week was ‘Hide and Seek’ with the team hoping to explore a range of Bible stories on the theme of hiding and seeking, lost and found.

Team Vicar, Laura Betson, explains how the week worked: 

Family taking part in the activity week"The week began with our first ever Muddy Church event, an outdoor, socially distanced, self-guided trail around the outside of St John’s Church.  The families who came enjoyed the time to wander and wonder, pausing at various stations to listen or look, paying attention to where God might be meeting us in creation.  Each child also got a take away activity bag with crafts and treats.

"Every morning during the week we had Brick Church at 10am - an online video introducing the theme for the day and giving a building challenge.  Challenges included building a treasure chest, your name, a treehouse and even a boat. 

Most children who took part built in Lego bricks or virtually in minecraft, and we had some amazing builds!

"Then every evening at 7pm we had Bedtime Church - an online video telling a story about the thing the children had built that day.  We heard about finding treasure, a man hidden in a tree, a baby hidden in a boat and much more!  We wondered about the stories and finished with a bedtime prayer.

"Our monthly online Messy Church finished the week, looking at one of Jesus most famous lost and found stories - the lost sheep.  The video included instructions on how to make a sheep biscuit, a sheep badge, hiding and seeking games, and a name sign for your door, reminding us that Jesus is the good shepherd who knows all his sheep by name.

"Throughout the week we asked children and families to decorate a plain a4 sheep and send it in.  At the end of the week we laminated and displayed these on the church gates at St John’s, and they look amazing!  We are so grateful to everyone who joined in, and delighted that we created this lovely artwork together.  

"It was a really wonderful week although it was so different to our usual events.  Our videos were well received and have been shared as far away as Canada! A massive thank you to all the amazing children and families who took part."

You can find the videos from the week on the ‘Kidderminster West Team Ministry’ Facebook page, or via links on the team's website.


Coming back to church

The Kidderminster West team have also put together a video letting people know what they might expect when they come back into church for the first time since the pandemic. Laura explains: 

"I'd seen a number of 'going back to church' videos which tried to present all the information in an accessible way, and the one I really liked was done in a silent film style.  I showed it to my children, who immediately asked 'can we make one too?'  So my husband and I took the children to church to walk through the new arrangements.  They loved acting the parts of the verger showing people to their seats and taking names at the door!  The video is our most watched and shared ever on facebook, although it became outdated almost immediately as Church of England guidance on masks changed! We hope that it will help people to feel more confident about deciding to come back to church, and perhaps also make them smile too."

Watch the Kidderminster West video:

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