Creation Care

Published: 8th January 2021

Creation Care is a new scheme to help households improve their care of God’s Creation. It has a similar structure to Eco Church, with Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

It covers seven areas relevant to household life: Worship and prayer, Home, Garden (if you have one), Travel, Food, Possessions, and finally, Community and global engagement.

Households can register and work through an online questionnaire covering each of the seven areas.  (Click on the Household tab to register, then the questions can be seen by clicking on Update Answers.) Working through the questions is a great way to show up areas for a household to discuss and act on

When you have achieved at least Bronze level in each area, then a Bronze level certificate can be printed off. The same is true for Silver and Gold levels.

Sign up as a church

It is possible for churches to sign up to the scheme. This could make it easier to encourage members to take part, share tips and resources, and celebrate success through giving out awards in services. Creation Care is separate to Eco Church, but covers some of the same ground as the Lifestyle section of Eco Church.

Initial feedback about Creation Care has been largely positive. However, some people thought a few questions could be more clearly expressed, and that the actions were not always possible depending on your circumstances. For example, someone with a small garden or yard, may not be able to accommodate many of the features in the Garden section. Another comment was that there was not much space given to being creative and living simply, rather than paying for technical fixes. These issues are being addressed by the creators of Creation Care, but further feedback would help them make it more accessible and relevant to all. 

Share your experiences

Creation Care has been recognised as having a huge potential in helping people to change their individual lifestyle choices, especially if ideas and support are shared within a local church community. If you would like to share your experiences of using Creation Care, and any thoughts or ideas about it, please contact Helen Oldham by 7 February 2021. 

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