Pinvin, St Nicholas

3 September 2018

​Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015

Halesowen, St John the Baptist

13 August 2018

Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015 more

New General Synod Rep

New General Synod Rep
15 May 2018, Robert Higham

Andy Todd has been elected as a clergy representative for the diocese on General Synod, joining Wyn Beynon and Archdeacon Nikki. (The vacancy was caused following the departure of the Revd Sarah Brush to another ... more

Changes to the Diocese of Worcester Clergy Holiday Fund

21 February 2018, Robert Higham

Because there are currently sufficient funds to do so, the Trustees have suspended the practice of grants not normally being made to the same applicant more frequently than once in every two years.Find out more: www.cofe-worcester.org.uk/diocesan-compendium/ministry/clergy-holiday-fund/ more

The Old Palace Library

The Old Palace Library
23 January 2018, Doug Chaplin

The volunteer librarian, Robin Walter, will be retiring this February. We are very grateful to him for the time and energy he has given in this role, and will be thanking him for his service ... more