Have you considered using MaintenanceBooker?

MaintenanceBooker logo
14 February 2020, Sam Setchell

All churches could benefit from using MaintenanceBooker from the National Churches Trust. more

​Becoming an Eco Church

7 February 2020, Sam Setchell

Has your church started on an Eco Church journey? more

Martin's consecration as Bishop of Dudley

Bishop Martin after his consecration
30 January 2020, Sam Setchell

Archbishop Justin ordains Martin as Bishop of Dudley. more

Office and housing arrangements for the Bishop of Dudley

29 January 2020, Sam Setchell

The Bishop of Dudley's office is moving. more

Saying Yes to Life – a book and theme for Lent

Archbishop Justin's Lent book 2020
9 January 2020

Bishop John recommends the Archbishop's Lent book: 'Saying Yes to Life'. more

St James the Great, Norton Juxta Kempsey, receive funding for urgent repairs to enable mission

St James the Great, Norton Juxta Kempsey
18 December 2019, Laura Farmer

Repairs to the tower and roof of St James the Great, Norton Juxta Kempsey, to take place, in addition to the installation of new heating and lighting, thanks to three different grants from various organisations. more

Open Conversations about the future of our Church

Future of our church image
10 December 2019, Sam Setchell

Join the conversation as to how ministry is shaped in the future. more

Alastair Findlay to retire as DBF Chair

Alastair Findlay
9 December 2019, Sam Setchell

After 20 years, Alastair Findlay is about to retire as Chair of the Diocesan board of Finance. more

Candidates confirmed at the Cathedral

Candidates for confirmation at the Cathedral
5 December 2019, Sam Setchell

Bishop John confirmed Candidates in the Cathedral on the feast of Christ the King. more

An evening with Lord Williams at Holland House

Archbishop Rowan Williams with Bishop Robert Paterson
1 December 2019

Last week the former Archbishop of Canterbury was 'in conversation' with Bishop Robert Paterson. more