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Jonathan Kimber 28 July 2021
"We must be still, and still moving." This week's video reflection comes from Director of Ministry & Discipleship, Jonathan Kimber.
Duration: 2:20
Date Recorded: 28/07/2021

Stuart Currie 21 July 2021
In this week's video the Bishop's Chaplain, Stuart Currie reflects on Michael Ramsey, the 100th Archbishop of Canterbury - his holiness, his intellect, his passion for Christian unity and commitment to social justice, and his wise and sometimes pithy sayings!
Duration: 2:06
Date Recorded: 21/07/2021

Thank you!
We know this last year has been immensely challenging, and so we wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone who has done whatever they can to help keep our mission, ministry & worship alive, and for everything you have given in money, time and prayer.
Duration: 2:54
Date Recorded: 15/07/2021

Rob Jones 14 July 2021
In this week's video, the Archdeacon of Worcester refelcts on the importance of elections and in particular the upcoming Diocesan Synod elections. We'll have more information on the website soon!
Duration: 2:05
Date Recorded: 14/07/2021

John Fitzmaurice 30 June 2021
"Ordained ministry has at its core the call to enable the church to better be the church." In this week's video Director of Ordinands and Vocation, John Fitzmaurice, reflections on ordained ministry. This coming weekend, Bishop John and Bishop Martin will ordain 9 new priests and 5 new deacons in Worcester Cathedral. We will be live streaming the services on our Facebook page. Please pray for those who are ordained, and especially for those to be ordained this weekend.
Duration: 2:20
Date Recorded: 30/06/2021

Bishop John 23 June 2021
In this week's reflection Bishop John talks about the #CathedralsCycleRoute, a relay which journeys round all 42 English cathedrals. The Bishop will be cycling the Hereford to Worcester leg next week. Find out more: #CCR
Duration: 1:43
Date Recorded: 23/06/2021

John Preston 16 June 2021
The diocesan office has now moved to Lowesmoor Wharf in Worcester, Diocesan Secretary John Preston shows us around.
Duration: 2:00
Date Recorded: 16/06/2021

Doug Chaplin 9 June 2021
A video reflection for "Love Your Burial Ground" week celebrating our churchyards, and introducing this year's Churches Count on Nature project to record wildlife in churchyards
Duration: 2'20"
Date Recorded: 09/06/2021

Alison Maddocks 2 June 2021
This week's video reflection comes from Alison Maddocks, Dean of Smaller Churches.
Duration: 2:30
Date Recorded: 02/06/2021

Bishop Robert 26 May 2021
Today we celebrate the life and witness of Augustine of Canterbury, the first Archbishop of the English Church and patron saint of the Anglican Communion. This week's video reflection comes from Bishop Robert Paterson.
Duration: 1:59
Date Recorded: 26/05/2021

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