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John Fitzmaurice 18 November 2020
The Director of Ordinands & Vocation reflects on the second national lockdown and the importance of routine and rituals in our lives.
Duration: 2:06
Date Recorded: 18/11/2020

Peter Atkinson 11 November 2020
On Remembrance Day the Very Revd. Peter Atkinson, dean of Worcester reflects on the world 100 years ago and of the world today.
Duration: 2:16
Date Recorded: 11/11/2020

Bishop John 4 November 2020
Bishop John reflects on returning to lockdown, the importance of public worship, and the need to trust God's love in dark times.
Duration: 2'17"
Date Recorded: 04/11/2020

Nikki Groarke 28 October 2020
The Archdeacon of Dudley reflects on change, drawing on her personal experience of recently breaking her shoulder, and looking at how parishes follow up on the second round of open conversations.
Duration: 2'19"
Date Recorded: 28/10/2020

Jonathan Kimber 22 October 2020
Vigilance and Vitality - Jonathan Kimber, Director of Ministry and Discipleship reflects on applying lessons learnt from music to our lives
Duration: 2'20"
Date Recorded: 22/10/2020

Rob Jones 14 October 2020
The Archdeacon of Worcester encourages us to "travel hopefully" and appreciate how important the small things are, a small act of kindness or a phone call, especially during this time.
Duration: 2:04
Date Recorded: 14/10/2020

Alison Maddocks 7 October 2020
During this Harvest season, Diocesan Stewardship Officer Alison Maddocks asks how do we decide what is worth giving?
Duration: 2:17
Date Recorded: 07/10/2020

Bishop Martin 30 September 2020
This year's Clergy Conference has all been online and earlier today Bishop Martin recorded this video to share some thoughts from the last couple of days.
Duration: 1:56
Date Recorded: 30/09/2020

Bishop John 23 September 2020
This weekend will see ordinations of priests and deacons take place across the diocese, the services will be quite different this year. In this week's video reflection Bishop John talks about this important step in their lives.
Duration: 1:54
Date Recorded: 23/09/2020

John Preston 16 September 2020
Diocesan Secretary John Preston introduces the consultation on deanery reorganisation in the service of ministry, mission and mutual support. Find out more:
Duration: 2:00
Date Recorded: 16/09/2020

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