Video conferencing for your youth group

To enable interactive, remote youth group meetings you might want to consider using video/web conferencing tools like zoom. If you do, please download and read this document - I have prepared some guidance on how to do this safely and well. Please take the time to think this through and contact me if you need any further help. 

Youth Online

HTB in London have taken their youth group online, offering podcasts, live streaming and a YouTube channel. Visit their website and get some ideas!

Coronavirus: A youth ministry live blog

The YouthScape live blog page which will also be kept up-to-date with lots of ideas and sharing some good practice. It aims to be a regularly-updated hub dedicated to helping youth leaders respond to the Coronavirus epidemic.

Group Challenges

A wonderful colleague, Katherine, from the diocese of Leeds has put together some great ideas for photography, art, world record breaking and learning challenges to keep your youth group busy over the coming weeks. Download the document here. 

Netflix Party

So Netflix party is a thing! You can watch a film or series from this streaming service altogether while apart! As each young person watches they'll be able to comment and message each other throughout via the website. Take a look. 

National Youth Agency

The National Youth Agency have a great page on their website, which offers advice for young people and youth workers. This will be updated as the situation progresses.