There are 100 Church of England schools in the Diocese, educating approximately 22,500 children and young people across Dudley and Worcestershire. All schools ensure they offer a curriculum that is rich, broad, deep and engaging, whilst church schools in particular ensure that they have a focus on spiritual growth and character development.

Diocesan Director of Education, Dr Margaret James, said: “Church schools have been reaffirmed over the last two decades as being at the heart of the Church’s service to the nation. The call for church schools is for them to serve local communities in such a way that brings hope and aspiration, within an ethos characterised by respect. Inspired by the words of Jesus in John’s Gospel, church schools are places in which every child is helped to live an abundant life.”

Parishes can support local church and non-church school communities in many ways. You could take part in the pray, bake, read initiative (praying intentionally for your local school, baking a cake for staff each half term and offering to read with a student). Perhaps you could help with worship, assemblies, or confirmation preparation? Or maybe support the staff and children pastorally, or the school strategically, by becoming a church school Foundation Governor. What else could your parish realistically begin in order to nurture relationships with your local schools? Why not talk to other parishes within your deanery, perhaps even working together to engage several local schools in one worship event.

For help and advice on working more closely with your local school, contact the Diocesan Education team on