St Thomas & St Luke, ‘Top Church’, in Dudley is one of two churches in the Diocese who have received funding to develop their church building, to enable them to grow and become a resource for all churches across the Diocese. 

The Revd James Treasure met with members of the local community last September to outline the vision for Top Church. James said: “At the start of the project, the congregation averaged around 20 people each Sunday. We are planning to grow this to around 250 people over the next five years, so that we can become a real blessing to the local community as well as help support other Dudley churches.” 

The Resourcing Church is due to be officially launched in September 2019. Until then, James will build a congregation who will develop a vision for a church which will live out their faith, working with others to meet the needs of the people in Dudley. 

“We’ve already had positive feedback on our plans,” continued James. “Our aim is to make the church ft for the 21st Century, while keeping the historical features. We hope that Top Church will become a brilliant mix of old and new.” 

Please pray for Top Church, that it will encourage more people to come to faith and that it will be a helpful resource for other churches in the Diocese. 

Kingswinford Deanery - Rural Dean: David Hoskin; Lay Chair: Anthony Lovesy 

Diocese of Madurai-Ramnad (India): Bishop Marialouis Joseph