On Friday 3 August at lunchtime at least 200 people enjoyed an afternoon at St Luke’s Ground in Cradley Heath. St Luke’s Ground is now the local name for the space left by St Luke’s Church which was pulled down in 2016.

Cradley Heath BBQAs part of a project from Cradley Heath Community Link – an outreach project of St John’s Church, Dudley Wood and Cradley Heath - trying to engage with young people this summer, and encouraged by Calling Young Disciples Mission Enabler Amy Stokes, the aim was for a community BBQ where church members would have the opportunity to meet and connect with young people and hopefully draw them to a further event later in August.

Bouncy castle at Cradley Heath BBQThe Revd Alicia Baker said: "It was a wonderful day. Volunteers from the community and the church came to help as well as 12 young people from Challenge which made a great difference. 250 burgers and 150 hot dogs were consumed! There were games and sports, bouncy castles, and face painting. It was a special time to see the space being used by local people. People had a lot of respect for the surrounding graves and actually a lot of interest in the history of the area.

"The council – who maintain the graveyard came and gave the area a special clean-up. And a local shop helped with a donation towards the cost of water. It was very much a pop-up event but so well appreciated that it may become annual. Perhaps next year, we'll include a prayer area."

The parish's next event for 12 to 16 year olds will be on Friday 24 August. please pray that young people will come along and will continue to come to events next term.