Red Hill Church of England Primary in Worcester recently marked Interfaith Week with a series of activities taking place throughout the school, which celebrated the children’s strengths as well as those of others.

Headteacher, Spencer Morris said: “We mark Interfaith Week every year as we believe it’s important to make sure everyone in our community can respect each other’s differences and we can all get along. Year 5 put together comic strips explaining what would happen if everyone in the world was the same, while other children wrote about inspirational people, for example Monty Panesar who was the first Sikh cricketer to play for England. Even our Reception children got involved, constructing different places of worship.”

During the week, an assembly was held, at which year 5 pupil Hafsah wanted to write something to introduce the topic. She delivered the following speech:

“Do you know, I’m in Year 5 and I have spent all these years at school getting to know lots of different people? Some of my friends believe different things from me and that’s fine because we are all unique. What’s great about our school is that we are not afraid to make our own choices, so long as we respect other people.

“The more I learn about other religions the happier I am, because I understand how to get along with people better. I guess I’ll never stop learning about how different we all are, even when I grow up and leave Red Hill.

I want the whole of Worcester and the whole world to be as understanding, as kind, as respectful and as fair as it is here at Red Hill. All religions are welcome in our world!

So I’m proud to me and you should be proud to be you!”

Canon Owain Bell helped with the assembly and at the end he linked Hafsah’s speech with things going on in the world. He said: “After the service I told the school Hafsah had written something not only very, very beautiful, but she had also written a message for the world.”