Crossing the Threshold is a step-by-step guide to developing your place of worship for wider community use and managing a successful building project.

Crossing the Threshold’ was originally written and published by Hereford Diocese. The latest version has been completely revised and updated by a partnership consisting of Hereford diocese, the Church Buildings Council and the Heritage Religious Buildings Alliance.

‘Crossing the Threshold’ is a practical toolkit and is highly recommended, from the very earliest stages of considering how you might alter your place of worship through to the celebrations at the end of the building work.

Whether your PCC is thinking about a church project or currently in the middle of one, this toolkit is the ‘must have’ document to help, guide and inspire you to get the project right.

You can download the whole document or just the particular sections you need at the time. It is hosted on the Diocese of Hereford website. Follow this link:

The partnership will continue to keep Crossing the Threshold revised and up to date, so whether you need it now or in the future, Crossing the Threshold will continue to be the ‘go to’ document to help PCCs.