Sunday 5 November marks the start of Living Wage Week - a celebration of the movement of the living wage in the UK. Unlike the minimum wage, which is compulsory for employers across the UK, the living wage is voluntary implemented by employers to offer their employees a better standard of living. It is voluntarily paid by thousands of employers in the UK and applies to all workers over the age of 18 included contracted and subcontracted staff.

Across the Diocese there are many employers who offer the living wage, including the Diocesan Board of Finance and the Cathedral. The living wage is such an encouragement and is often liberating, offering that extra bit of financial security and, perhaps, the opportunity to be more generous in our giving.

On the Monday of Living Wage Week, the new Living Wage Rates are announced at a ceremony. These rates apply to all Living Wage accredited employers. In a 2017 independent study of more than 800 accredited real Living Wage businesses

Cardiff University found that:

  • •93% of Living Wage Employers reported they had gained as a business after becoming a real Living Wage employer
  • •58% of employers saw an improvement in the motivation of staff following accreditation (rising to 78% for organisations with more than 500 staff)
  • •50% reported that the Living Wage had improved both recruitment and retention.

Please pray that all businesses might consider paying their employees a living wage, and pray for all those who are struggling to make ends meet in very low paid jobs.