On Wednesday, 18 October, the church keeps the Feast of St Luke, patron saint of doctors. In the Diocese we are inviting people to observe this as a day of prayer for the NHS. 

We give thanks for the quality of healthcare we enjoy in this country, compared to many places in the world. We give thanks for all those who have dedicated themselves to serving the health and well-being of others, not only as front-line medical and care staff, but also those who provide administrative and support services in our hospitals and medical practices.

We pray for all those who are stressed and burdened by the ever-growing demand on the resources of the health service, and the responsibilities they carry on behalf of society. We pray also for those who face hard new decisions of life and death which are made possible only be advances in technology.

We give thanks also for the many dedicated people from other countries who come and serve in the NHS, and pray that our needs may not simply drain resources from less wealthy and privileged nations.

We pray for a church which bears witness to a vision of health and wholeness for all in society.

On Saturday 4 November, the Festival of Healing will take place in the Cathedral, which is a further opportunity to pray for specific needs for healing.