Heather Prangley from The Holy Innocents' Church in Kidderminster tells us about how the local churches have got involved in 'Sheepfest' in the town! 

"Birmingham had owls and this year has bears. Wolverhampton has wolves, so are you surprised to learn that Kidderminster has sheep around the town centre?

"Sheepfest is a community-based project that reflects the history of the town with its rich industrial heritage in the production of carpets. Councillor Nicky Gale, Mayor, invited schools, groups and churches to decorate a sheep as part of the Arts Festival. Sheep were made and supplied by members of The Emily Jordan Foundation which offers offers training and work to adults with learning disabilities.

"Father Tim Williams, Rector of Kidderminster West Team Ministry, is Chaplain to the Mayor. Sheep are powerful Christian symbols so he was very keen for us to support her in this exciting new venture. The three churches in the Team decorated their sheep:

"St John – members of the choir drew round cups, saucers and plates to symbolise the important Christian tradition of hospitality – their church is renowned locally for its delicious afternoon teas. The children painted the shapes in bright colours, like Joseph’s coat.

"St Peter – drawing on the Make and Mend group all the congregation were involved in knitting, crocheting and making bobbles using recycled wool for their “Baa-bie”

"The Holy Innocents – the children used paper and wax crayons to collect the “fabric” of the church. They did rubbings of the paths and bricks outside as well as the floors and seats inside. The many textures and colours reflect our differences and celebrate God’s love for us no matter who we are. She is called “Baa –baa-ra”.

"Do pay a visit to Kidderminster to follow the Sheep Trail or join The Big Picnic outside the Town Hall on the afternoon of Sunday, 20 August when all the sheep will be gathered safely there and the winners announced."