An appeal from the Bishop of Worcester to raise funds to help the Diocese of Peru following serious flooding has raised over £10,000, thanks to the generosity of church members throughout Worcestershire and Dudley.

The appeal was launched at Easter after many parts of Peru were hit by devastating flooding following heavy rains brought about by El Niño. The Diocese of Worcester has a friendship link with the Diocese of Peru and many of our churches have individual links with people and projects in the country. The appeal aimed to raise money to help the Peruvian diocese as they sought to provide relief and emergency aid to those local communities affected.

Bishop John said: 

It was heart-breaking to see so many communities in Peru experiencing death and destruction because of the flooding. I knew that many in our churches wanted to do something to help but the generosity in response to the appeal has been overwhelming. The Diocese of Peru will be able to make a real difference with the money that we’ve sent. I’m enormously grateful to everyone who contributed.”

The Diocese of Peru initially asked if churches in Worcestershire and Dudley could help raise £8,000 to help with the relief work. The amount sent to Peru was actually £10,259.

The Bishop of Peru, Bishop Jorge Luis Aguilar, said: 

“Peru has been submitted to days of devastation, sadness, hunger and helplessness. Moments in which the rains, rivers and indifference almost drown all hope. But it was in the middle of the storm (Mark 4:39) that Jesus lifted us up from the frustration and woke our capacity for solidarity and immediate support for the most needy and defenceless: elderly, children and animals. Thank you, because with your prayers and offerings you are participating in ‘Help us to help others’.”

Mission Development Officer, Doug Chaplin helped to co-ordinate the donations. He said: 

“This generous response shows one of the practical fruits of our 20 year partnership with the Diocese of Peru, built up with prayers and friendship visits over time. This time we have been able to fund the Diocese of Peru’s relief work for the wider community devastated by floods: our shared partnership has enabled us to work together for the benefit of others.”


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From: Sam Setchell, Press Officer for the Diocese of Worcester and the Bishop of Worcester.

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