Many people have a dream of getting back to nature, having a place in countryside or finding their own little piece of Eden. However the reality of living in “the sticks” can sometimes be very different than the idyllic dream we have.

The old community hubs are fewer now, many local shops have closed, farming is facing crisis after crisis, there are less pubs and churches find it hard to fill the rural pews.

Please pray all these situations and for the elderly as they battle with the isolation of living alone. Pray for farmers who find their livelihoods being eroded. Pray for the work of rural clergy who often minister to many congregations over a wide area and pray for the future of the many talented young people who grow up in the countryside. Take time as well to ask God what He would have you do, remember “faith without works is dead” (James 2:14-26).

Maybe you could visit the lonely, encourage a passion for rural life in others, seek new ways to bring the life and love of Christ to those in your congregation or simply give thanks to God the vibrant beauty and wonderful diversity of this green and pleasant land.

Pray for all those who live and work in the countryside.