Music is an essential part of most church activities including children’s/youth work, coffee mornings, socials or outreach events or when the premises is hired out to a third party such as a dance class. As agents for PRS for Music and PPL, Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) offer two licences that cover music played or performed on the church premises.

The PRS for Music Church Licence permits a church to perform music live and hold concerts/recitals. When playing music recordings (such as CDs or MP3s) an additional PPL Church Licence is required. Neither music licence is needed if music is only played during times of worship such as regular services or prayer meetings.

If a church wanted to show films for entertainment or illustration a Church Video Licence would be required to cover the performance of the film and a PRS for Music Church Licence to cover any music included within the soundtrack.

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For advice or to arrange licence cover contact CCLI on 01323 436100 or visit

Alternatively a quick and easy way of assessing which licences your church may require is by completing a Church Copyright HealthCheck. You can do this online at