Chief Superintendent Richard Fisher at Brierley Hill West Midlands Police has updated us about the recent thefts from places of worship in the Black Country.

Since 1 January 2017 there a have been eight reported burglaries across Sandwell and Dudley targeting places of worship, five of these involve the use of an angle grinder to attack the safes.

Arrests have been made in relation to them all with the perpetrators either on bail whilst further enquiries are conducted or charges have been forthcoming. These are:

  • St Michaels, Bell St, Brierley Hill - Two persons arrested one we are unable to take further action the other is currently on bail for further enquiries
  • Quarry Bank Methodist Church - Suspect arrested, charged and remanded into custody.
  • United Church, High St, Lye - Suspect charged and remanded into custody.

In relation to the five burglaries where an angle grinder was used, they are all now being investigated by a single detective and the police have linked all these burglaries to the same offender. Some of the original incident reports had been filed, because at the time there were no further lines of enquiry available, however they have now been reopened as a result of forensic evidence relating to two of the offences and linking them with an identified suspect.