Each and every Christian person has a vocation to be the person God created them to be and that can involve some serious questions about lifestyle and our use of our time and talents. Archbishop Rowan Williams famously said that ‘God gives to the church everything that the church needs to be the church’ and so we can give thanks that latent within our communities and congregations are the people, skills and talents that the church needs for the future.

Vocations Sunday, and the Diocesan Vocations Day to be held at The Old Palace on Saturday, 23 April, are an opportunity to look at ourselves and ask if we are making the best use of those resources both personally and corporately in our work to join with God in building the kingdom. What might God be calling us to do both in our lives in the world and in society, and also in the life of our community of faith?

Please pray for the vocation of the church generally, for the vocation of your particular community of faith, and for your personal vocation as a disciple and fellow builder of God’s kingdom.

John Fitzmaurice, Diocesan Director of Ordinands