The tractor has been fully reconditioned by the students of Moreton Morrell College and will make an enormous difference to the lives of people in the village of Tunguli in the Diocese of Morogoro, with which the Diocese of Worcester has a friendship link. Also going to Africa will be a trailer and plough, funded by the charity, Mission Morogoro, which has supported the project.

Tractor for Tunguli stripped down

The Massey Fergusson tractor was bought in 2013 by the Diocese of Worcester in a poor state of repair. It was agreed that the students at Moreton Morrell Agricultural College would undertake the rebuilding of the tractor as part of their coursework and over the past 18 months, they have transformed it into a glistening, good as new tractor, ready for use. Tim Hutchinson, who has been responsible for supervising the project, together with one of the students involved, will be travelling to Tunguli village to present the tractor to the villagers and to help and advise them on its maintenance.

The project has also been helped by a small independent charity called Mission Mororgoro, whose supporters have undertaken the purchase and restoration of a trailer and the purchase of a disc plough. In addition Mission Morogoro has raised a considerable sum of money to cover the high transportation costs to Tanzania.

Canon John Green, Chair of the Morogoro Task Group in the Diocese, commented: “We are thrilled that this tractor project has been the catalyst for bringing so many people together and for the deepening links between our two dioceses.”

Tony Mortimer, Chair of Mission Morogoro, commented: “We are very excited to be partners in this project. It has great potential to improve health and reduce poverty for the people of Tunguli. We will work hard to make this happen.”

The short blessing by Bishop John will take place at Moreton Morell College at midday on Monday 23 March. All those who have been involved in the project will be present. The tractor, trailer and plough will then be shipped out to Tanzania where it will be met by a group of people at the end of June to present it to the villagers of Tunguli.